Gladiator Rating and reivews

Slot players, ready your weapons for the Gladiator slot game!

This slot machine was inspired by the 2000 film Gladiator, in which the main character, Maximus, is a slave who is imprisoned and forced to fight as a gladiator. Put on your shield and sword and prepare to be transported to Ancient Rome in this exciting slot. Betsoft has produced some amazing 3D slots, and the Gladiator video slot is no exception. While you may have played a number of slots with a Roman theme before, we challenge you to find one that tops the features and sheer fun factor of the Gladiator slot.

The bonus round is a climatic battle between two Gladiators. You’ll also find exciting and rewarding on-reel features that will keep you coming back for more.

Instructions for Use

There are 30 paylines and the traditional five reels in this game. Symbols from the Gladiator video slot are based on well-known motifs from the film. The Colosseum is the highest-paying scatter symbol and may be found here. If you get five scatters anywhere in view while spinning, you’ll win 3750 times your wager. The next best paying icons are the Gladiators. If you get five of them on a line, you’ll win 2,000 times your wager. Like the sword and shield, the payout for a full house of medieval flails is 1250 times your initial wager. In contrast to the gold goblet and coins, which both pay out 125x for five of a type, the tiger pays out 750x, the horse pays out 500x, the flag pays out 375x, and the bag of coins pays out 250.

The Gladiator slot machine’s Princess is another rare special symbol; when she does appear, she showers the reels with petals, turning every symbol underneath her into a wild 2x and double any wins you may have accumulated. The gateway is a unique symbol that activates the Click me bonus round.

Enhance your fighting prowess with Gladiator’s unique tools.

The Gladiator slot machine has a plethora of exciting bonus rounds that could win you some seriously impressive payouts. In addition, the slot can pay both left to right and right to left, which is a classy method to boost your odds of winning.

a scattergram

The coliseums are the scatter symbol, which means they can pay in any position on the reels.

A Greater Wild

There is no “normal” wild in this game, but if the Princess Symbol lands on the first position of any reel, she will scatter her petals to the two symbols below her, making those symbols wild as well. Additionally, all payouts from these wilds are doubled.

Video of Gladiators Whacking Each Other

The appearance of the Hero Gladiator on Reel 3 triggers another growing wild feature. In a stunning leap across the screen, the Gladiator will slam into the center reel, sending all three symbols flying.

Coliseum Gates, Please Click Me

If you get three or more door symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll activate the bonus round. You can keep clicking on any of the three-door icons until you reach the right one. The option to increase your available credit is a useful one.

Get ready for the bonus round, Battle!

If you land the Hero Coliseum and Villain symbols on reels two and three along paylines one, two, or three, you will enter the Gladiator slot’s bonus game. The bonus gives you ringside access to a gladiator match, where you can wager on the victor and gain extra rewards if your prediction comes true. This is merely a fun way to award you with money right away.

Visuals and Audio

Slot machines featuring BetSoft’s superior 3D visuals have become among of Canada’s most played games throughout the years. Fantastic, detailed, and shaded visuals have been delivered in the Gladiator slot. All the splendor of a Roman palace is reflected in the grey marble columns that enclose the reels and the gilded decorations. A tiger, a gold purse and goblet, a ball and chain, a sword and shield, and a group of muscular warriors in helmets are all visible. When you get a winning combination, you’ll see the reels come to life with beautiful animations. For example, the Gladiator can pick up his ball and chain to celebrate. These quick animations boost the excitement level of the slot machine.

The spectacular, ever-changing score in the Gladiator slot is another perk.

Set Maximums

Canadians aren’t drawn to a slot machine for its entertainment value, but rather for the potential payouts it offers. The Gladiator slot machine offers a wide variety of wagers to accommodate players with varying budgets and preferences. One to five coins can be played each line, with coin values ranging from 0.05 to 1. Bets can range from a low of C$0.02 up to a high of C$150. Five scatters will award the highest payoff of 3,750 times your wager on the sot. For this reason, Gladiator is the best option for Canadian gamblers of all financial means.






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